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About Us

We provide purchase and sale of online advertising. Our powerful mass advertisement management tool gives the opportunity to effective setup and immediate maintenance of your advertisement.

We provide advertisers with access to billions of daily impressions across the globe from leading exchanges.Our experts are happy to provide every necessary support and advice at any time.

How we Work

High-performing media

Our company offers immediate access to high-performing inventory from over 40,000 publishers on our own SSP with subsequent supply from other leading SSPs.

We give the opportunity our clients to choose from more than 15 targeting options which offer granular control over your intended audience.

Flexible targeting patterns


Continuous access to information about how, where, and when you buy with 24/7 control over your advertisement expenditures.

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Our clients have access to report documentation which includes a real-time view of company's operating results.

Our platform allows you to target on individual Mobile Sites and Apps, or out-of-home screens giving you total control at campaign management-level